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Since I was a kid I've always been interested in everything building and design.


At ten years old, I got my first jig saw and hit the scrap woodpile to make the family a new kitchen table- one my parents proudly brought into the kitchen.  While it might have been a little shaky, and the corners unsquare we shared family dinners on it for years.  Soon after, I was building furniture, beds, and divider walls in my childhood bedroom.

From those early projects, I learned first-hand the challenges, excitement, and rewards of designing something and seeing it come to life. 

With a wide range of experiences from my studies at Savannah College of Art and Design to the countless designs I've now created on television, for personal clients, and small businesses I am continuously humbled and inspired by the positive and amazing changes good design and good products have brought into my clients lives.

My passion is to bring these life changes to more people through creating unique inspirational spaces and sharing well designed products.

Keep it real - keep it you.

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